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    Interesting, Emano, as I know for a fact that Archie was not at Fedora Towers this weekend. Perhaps the locator-bot has been outsmarted by the old fox ;)
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    Archie seems like quite the Lone Wolf with only 1 friend. Archie, did you realize there is a map here with your location? You might want to ditch that; it only makes it easier for your enemies to find you.

My Bio

I am pulled through Time and Space by the fickle hand of Fate to fight Evil in all it's forms, be it thwarting the evil Empire on Omega-4, foiling a desperate plan in 1850 Nomanchester, or saving the good citizens of Hobbopolis from a fate worse than death.

Current whereabouts unknown, but rumours abound of a sighting in London with a group of suspicious-looking people reportedly from the Hobb board.

My Occupation


My Hobbies

1) Ridding the world of evil

2) Rescuing damsels in diss dress

3) Swashing my buckles

4) Being generally dashing

5) Doffing my fedora

6) Hunting monsters

7) Getting Van Helsing and Lady Croft out of trouble again